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LAS VEGAS, Nov. 18, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The COVID-19 pandemic has brought healthcare to the forefront for the global community. Companies and businesses bringing in innovation in healthcare and developing digital healthcare platforms are sought after. Korean company Intin Inc. ( has been recently honored with the ‘Innovation Award’ from CES (Consumer Electronics Show) for its ‘Oview Multi Device’ product, a respiratory diagnosis and treatment system.

CES is the world’s biggest & influential tech event, held annually in the USA. Ahead of the CES 2022, to be held from January 5 to 8, the organization announced the CES 2022 Innovation Awards Honorees on November 10. Intin has been recognized for its outstanding design and engineering in healthcare technology. 

Diagnosis & treatment at home for respiratory conditions 

Intin’s innovation not only diagnoses respiratory ailments but also helps get proper treatment. With the ‘Oview Multi Device,’ anyone can receive a diagnosis of respiratory conditions and receive a doctor’s prescription through a mobile phone app to proceed with treatment. The treatment for respiratory infections is usually performed in the otolaryngology department that consists of temperature measurement, respiratory rate measurement, and nasal condition check. After diagnosis, the patient receives a prescription from a doctor for treatment. It involves performing nasal washing or inhalation, use of nebulizer (a device that inhales drugs in the form of a spray), and LED treatment depending on the condition. 

‘Oview Multi Device’ can easily perform all these procedures at home. Each diagnosis and treatment are possible while replacing the module in one main device. The measured data is linked to the hospital through the app, so the patient/user can receive a prescription such as “a few milliliters of nebulizer capacity, a few minutes of LED treatment,” and treatment after module replacement. 

Intin to target U.S. insurance companies

Intin is planning to enter the U.S. market quickly with this award. Especially in the United States, hospitals are expensive and far away. In the case of respiratory diseases, long-term treatment is required, but many patients do not go to the hospital often because they have to travel for more than an hour and pay 200 USD (about 240,000 won) for treatment. Patients go to the hospital only when their condition becomes serious, so insurance companies also suffer from heavy hospital expenses.

Intin plans to penetrate the market with a focus on American insurance companies. This is because it is determined that the insurance fee can be lowered by distributing the product to the insured at a price much lower than the medical cost and preventing the disease from getting worse through tracking management. Talking about the US expansion plans, CEO Kim Ji-hoon said, “It will be possible to lower the insurance fee by distributing the product to insured persons at a much lower price than the cost of treatment for respiratory diseases and preventing the disease from getting worse through tracking management.”  The CES Innovation Award for Intin Inc. will now accelerate the company’s plans to do business in the U.S. market.

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