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101 mill/ml

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49 mill/ml

40년 동안 정자수 50% 이상 감소 그래프

50% decrease in average male sperm count over the past 40 years

The concentration of sperm decreased by and average of 1.4% per year, resulting in 52.4% decrease over 40 years. The total number of sperm has decreased by 59.3% over 40 years.

Why do I need a sperm test?

Due to environmental pollution and stress in modern society, the importance of wise health care is growing day by day.

Unfortunately, it is difficult for men to actively conduct infertility tests.

Both men and women should make an effort for pregnancy.

Accurate diagnosis and treatment should be done with a specialist, but I think it is meaningful to conduct a self-test through OVIEW Sperm Tester Pro in your busy daily life to quickly gauge the current state of health

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A new paradigm for testing sperm health in males

If hospital visits are delayed due to embarrassing test methods and
fears of results, coping with infertility will inevitably be delayed.

Check first through the OVIEW Sperm Tester Pro

This product is an in vitro diagnostic medical device.
Consult your doctor for accurate diagnosis and treatment.

How to use

Please refer to the user manual for accurate usage.


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Check the concentration
and motility of the sperm on the smartphone APP

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Product information

Clinical trial


Hanyang University Hospital, Urology Department

45 international participants, 98.9% concordance rate

Patent Information

Patents9 Cases

Design Patents3 Cases

Trademarks10 Cases



This product is a certified product of class 1 in vitro diagnostic medical device in Korea

Released in

9 countries as of 2022
Release complete: Korea, Russia
Coming soon (2023): USA, England, Ireland, Canada, France, Germany, Australia


Oview Sperm Tester Pro

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