오뷰 로고 인트인 로고
Low sperm Concentration Low sperm Concentration

Rise in male infertility and
decrease of sperm count

Male's reproductive sexual health is threatened by
unhealthy eating habits, environmental issues
and bad lifestyles.

High sperm concentration High sperm concentration

40% of the infertility is
due to male factor

Currently, 40% of couple experiencing
infertility are due to male factors.

Over the last 40 years, there has been 50% or more decrease in sperm count

Over the last 40 years, there has been 50% or more decrease in sperm count.

Male sperm counts have consistently
declined by more than 50% over 40 years.

Equipped with internal lighting

Equipped with internal lighting

With the built-in light, it is possible to measure sperm accurately anytime, anywhere and it can also be easily attached to smart devices with a clip.

Why take a sperm test?

Due to environmental pollution and stress in modern society, the importance of health management is increasing day by day.

Unfortunately, it is difficult for males to actively conducted fertility tests.

Both men and women must work hard to conceive.

Accurate diagnosis and treatment should be done with a professional specialist. But in busy daily life, using OVIEW Sperm Tester Pro provides meaningful and quick access to the current health status.

Professor of Hanyang University Hospital- Urology department, Cho Jungki

Cho Jungki,
Professor of Hanyang University Hospital- Urology department

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Checking male sperm
at the comfort of your home

Is there any product that
males can use to test at home like women?

According to the stories of infertile couples, when it comes to male tests,
hospital visits are usually delayed due to fear of results and embarrassment of the test method.
OVIEW SPERM TESTER PRO allows males to check sperm count and motility at home, solving the discomforts and embarrassment of the sperm tests at hospitals and clinics.

How to use

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m pro components



Manage more accurately and
conveniently with the smartphone app.

Check more accurate information with AI and big data technology.

Take pictures of OVIEW results and check results with a smartphone.
History management function
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Product Reliability

Clinical Trial


Menpower Urology

200 Subjects, 99% positive concordance rate

Hanyang University Hospital

45 Subjects, 98.9% positive concordance rate

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This device is Korea class 1 in vitro diagnostic medical device.

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9 Countries, as of 2022

9 Countries

Oview Sperm Tester Pro

Oview Sperm Tester Pro

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