ESG Management

INTIN is promoting sustainable management for a better future based on ESG including environment, society and government.
In order to sustain the lives of current and future generations, we strive to ensure healthy living and welfare for all ages, and to promote full and productive employment and quality jobs based on environmental pollution, human rights and labor, diversity and inclusion, supply chain and health.
Based on these efforts, INTIN seeks to helps solve problems with digital health care such as low birth rate and health problems caused by environmental pollutions.

ESG Environment

INTIN establishes four major indicators in management system, greenhouse gas, water resources, and waste based on the environmental management system, from raw materials to research and supply, to manage progress and achievement.

ESG Products

Raw materials were reviewed for paper quality and printing specifications based on ESG and manufactured to comply with FDA and CE certification standards.

ESG Society

Contributing to the prevention and resolution of health problems caused by low birth rates and environmental pollution. INTIN is growing internationally with various partner companies.

ESG Governance

Various legal systems are in place to coordinate culture and protect employees’ human rights and labor rights to demonstrate the capabilities of people with diverse backgrounds and ways of thinking.


The Sustainable Development and Development Goals are the international community’s greatest common goal to address all issues, including human environmental, economic and social issues.

To contribute to this, INTIN’s innovative technologies, products and manufacturing processes continue to strive to achieve SDGs for a sustainable future around the world.

INTIN supplies ovulation and sperm tests and multi respiratory diagnosis treatment devices that everyone can easily access to ensure healthy life and promote welfare for all age groups.

INTIN strives for gender equality by eliminating gender stereotypes through continuous and correct education of gender knowledge.

Based on UNGM’s SP standards, INTIN works to make the changes the company culture, actively participates in sustainable public procurement and protects the human rights along with labor rights of internal employees.

INTIN manages the entire research and production system from raw materials to research and supply based on the assurance of sustainable consumption and production patterns.