오뷰 로고 인트인 로고

The late age of first marriage and childbirth

Check ovulation day,
the beginning of women's health

If the urine test made it difficult to check every day,
check your ovulation with saliva every morning

글로벌 난임 시장의 확대
점점 늦어지는 초혼 연령

Check ovulation date
with saliva

Checking your ovulation
day witha drop of
saliva every morning
helps you understand
the menstrual cycle.

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Checking your menstrual
cycle by checking your ovulation date

Are you just tracking
your menstrual
cycleon the

Crosscheck with the Oview Ovulation Tester

앱 사용 여성 일러스트

The saliva crystal patterns shown on
ovulation date

오뷰앱 사용 후 타액 패턴 추출 이미지

On the day of ovulation,
ferning patterns are observed
in the saliva samples.

오뷰앱 사용 후 타액 분석으로 배란일 확인 그래프

Estrogen peaks 24 hours earlier
than luteinizing hormone (LH) on the day of ovulation.
OVIEW Ovulation Tester identifies the date of
ovulation by analyzing the different patterns
of dried saliva that is caused by estrogen levels.


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Clinical Trial


Yeungnam University Hospital

100 subjects, 95.15 positive concordance rate

Hanyang University Hospital,
Incheon St. Mary Korea University
Guro Hospital

85 subjects in progress

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This product is a certified product of class 1 in vitro diagnostic medical device in Korea

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4 Countries, as of 2022

4 countries, Korea, Japan, Thailand, Russia

Oview Ovulation Tester

Oview Ovulation Tester

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