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Increase of female infertility and
older average first marriage age

Am I healthy?

News of infertility around you and average marriage age over 30's
Check your ovulation conveniently and hygienically with OVIEW ovulation test.

Expansion of the global infertility market

Expansion of the global infertility market

Global pregnancy and ovulation test market size (Sugentech, 2019 Electronic Disclosure System)

Gradual increase in average marriage age

Gradual increase in average marriage age

The optimal age for pregnancy is 25, but the average age of first marriage is 30.6 showing the gap increasing gradually.

Gender ratio in infertility causes

Gender ratio in infertility causes

Although women do not make up the highest causes of infertility in terms of gender ratio, caution should be noted.

A easier way
to check ovulation.

Simple and
convenient using
saliva, just 5 min
a day is all you need.

Check wherever you are.
With saliva test, easily and simply check
the date of ovulation anytime, anywhere.

Model using ovulation tester

Product Introduction

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Check ovulation date

Check Results
Predicting and

The APP will inform you
of your ovulation date.
Women's menstrual cycle management
starts with checking the ovulation date.

The women using the app

The image of saliva crystal patterns shown on ovulation date

ferning patterns image

On the day of ovulation, ferning patterns are observed in the saliva samples.


Estrogen peaks 24 hours earlier than
luteinizing hormone (LH) on the day of ovulation.
OVIEW ovulation tester identifies the date of ovulation
by analyzing the different patterns of dried saliva
that is caused by estrogen levels.


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How to Use

For accurate usage, please refer to the user manual.


Application screen

Manage more accurately and conveniently with the smartphone app

Check more accurate information with AI and big data technology.
Use test history to link hospitals, expert reports, or 12 week healthcare programs.

Take pictures of OVIEW results and check results on your smartphone
History management function
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Vision Technology

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Product Reliability

Clinical Trial


Yeungnam University Hospital

100 subjects, 95.15 positive concordance rate

Hanyang University Hospital,
Incheon St. Mary Korea University
Guro Hospital

85 subjects in progress

Patent Information

Patent Application9 Cases

Design Application3 Cases

Trademark Application8 Cases


This device is Korea class 1 in vitro diagnostic medical device.

Certification data

Released in

4 Countries, as of 2022

4 countries, Korea, Japan, Thailand, Russia


Oview Ovulation Tester

Oview Ovulation Tester

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