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Midst Declining air quality,

Diagnosis and treatment
of respiratory diseases

Is it possible to manage health without
going to the hospital with a single product?

Fine dust, environmental pollution on the rise

Fine dust, environmental pollution on the rise

Recently, the number of patients suffering from respiratory diseases has been increasing due to fine dust and environmental pollution.

Hesitant to visit Hospitals

Hesitant to visit Hospitals

In particular, the prevalence of allergic rhinitis and asthma is increasing.

One power and communications unit with multiple interchangeable modules.

ARespiratory Healthcare Solution

Get professional respiratory diagnostics and
treatment anytime, anywhere with one product.

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Multifunctional camera

Real-time pictures and videos of your nose, mouth, and ears. The footage is shared with the medical team through the app.
Allowing non- face-to-face diagnosis and prescription.


Heart and breath sounds that occur within the body, as well as
sharing arterial, bowel, and vascular sounds with your healthcare professional in real time,
allowing for accurate non- face-to-face diagnosis.


Accurately measure body temperature without contact with an infrared sensor.


Measure your lung capacity to gauge your current health status.

Multi-Nose Irrigator

Use saline solution to flush out and remove substances from the nose.

Multi-Nose Suction

Suction out nasal substance and mucus from runny nose.


The drug prescribed for inhalation treatment of patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or asthma is converted into a gaseous state of fine particles and sprayed through the patient's respiratory tract to deliver the drug directly to the patient's lungs.

Multi-LED Care

Using LED light source to increase blood flow in the nasal passages to relieve rhinitis.

CES Innovation Award Winner

Oview Multi-platform

Oview Multi-platform

Information obtained from Oview Multi-Device
(usage frequency, time, which modules were used, external environment, etc.).
In conjunction with public data (Open API, device connection management, data synchronization system services),
Provides management and prevention content to diseases, personalized symptom exacerbation management protocols, and guides for immediate response (first aid).

Connect with hospitals via HL7 FHIR to share data between the app and the hospital,
Real-time, non- face-to-face diagnostics and prescriptions.
De-identification algorithms ensure the security/usability of the platform.

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Respiratory health care

Solving with O'View Multi-System

External environment, symptom, and treatment data are linked through the Oview Multi app,
Educational content, predictive symptom management, and hospital-linked contactless care and diagnostics.

LED Care

LED Light Care for problems in the patient's nose (rhinitis), ears (otitis media), mouth (periodontitis), and stomach (menstrual cramps, etc.).
Using the appropriate light and wavelength for the area of use to help relieve pain and inflammation.

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Application Screenshot

Manage more accurately and
conveniently with a smartphone app.

Connect symptom and treatment data, including external environments, with Oview Multi data.

View symptoms and treatment data through smartphone
Customizable management

Symptom and treatment data such as external environments are linked to Oview Multi's modular devices.
An integrated respiratory health management platform with educational content, predictive symptom management, hospital and provider integration, and contactless diagnosis and treatment.

Indoor Air Analyzer

Oview Air Monitor

Air analyzers made with INTIN's technology and design
Air around you can be easily be analyzed accurately.
Knowing your environment will make it easier to manage your health.

실내 공기 분석기

Check the surrounding air environment accurately through the indoor air analyzer,
and manage respiratory disease symptoms prediction and more accurately personalized symptom exacerbation through the Oview Multi-App.

Measure temperature, humidity, particulate matter concentration, and VOCs.