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Sustainable Procurement

INTIN's Procurement

INTIN supports SDG 12.7 and UNGM’s policy of increase the proportion of SPs to expand sustainable public procurement enforcement . Therefore, INTIN is continually working to secure sustainability in all areas including management, production, and quality control.
Currently, INTIN is focusing our capabilities on human rights and labor, gender issues, safe working environment, environmental pollution prevention, and sustainable resource utilization.
INTIN has domestic and international certification to sustainably procure reliable products and services. For this purpose, INTIN has international certifications such as ISO 13485 and GMP. In addition, when selecting a partner company, INTIN checks whether they are certified internationally and conduct on-site inspections. INTIN is planning to proceed with additional ISO certifications according to the current company / factory relocation project.
GMP 적합 인정서 (제조업-2등급)
Sustainability Procurement