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Intin, Smart self sperm tester selected as ‘Best R&D Innovative Products’

Intin, Smart self sperm tester selected as ‘Best R&D Innovative Products’ Intin (CEO Ji-hoon Kim) announced on the 9th that his company’s ‘smart self sperm testing device’ has been selected as the ‘Best R&D Innovation Product’ by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups...

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Daegu City participates in CES as the Digital Daegu Joint Hall and achieves $3.4 million USD worth of contract performance.

Intin Co., Ltd. (CEO Ji-hoon Kim), an ICT convergence medical device company, receives a deal from a Chinese Firm ‘Wuxi Interchange and Distinctive Corporation’... of initial $30,000 USD as a start into entering the Chinese online market , and also started talks with a investment company in Southeast Asia for a investment contract…

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Intin, develops ovulation tester and unveils it at CES 2021

Intin developed ovulation tester ‘Oview’ and introduced it at CES 2021…

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‘Intin’ receives business agreement with Hanyang University graduate school, receiving attention from the domestic medical device industry.

‘Intin’, a domestic medical device development company, signed a business agreement with Hanyang University Graduate School to speed up the revitalization of the domestic medical device industry...

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Arab Health 2020

Daegu TP, 8 local companies will participate in ‘Arab Health 2020’... $23.26 million USD export consultation.

Intin, which introduced a smartphone-based self ovulation tester (Oview-W) and the self sperm tester (Oview-M), was evaluated by leading overseas buyers as having a high level of technology and successfully signed a $1 million USD export contract with medical companies in Malaysia and Germany... Source/Read more Intin introduces a smart health care line that anyone can easily use. Intin plans to introduce a smart health care line that anyone can easily use at the CES 2020 held in Las Vegas from January 7 to 10th...

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Daegu Mayor Young-jin Kwon, ‘CES 2019’ has achieved great results, and we have to hurry as well with the fast-changing future trend seen at CES.

In addition, it is expected that subsequent results will continue to emerge with Intin Co., Ltd. (CEO Ji-hoon Kim) and scheduled to sign MOUs with SheCare Co. (China) and Smart Ware Co. (India)...

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‘Simple sperm test’... Sperm tester ‘Oview M’ reaches 20,000 sales

Home healthcare company Intin (CEO Ji-hoon Kim) said on the 7th, “the ‘Oview M’, which made it easy to conduct sperm tests at home, has surpassed 20,000 sales following the first batch of supplies” and “it continues to be chosen by many men,”...

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Daegu Fatima Hospital - Intin Co. Agreement

Under this agreement, Daegu Fatima Hospital and Intin Co., Ltd. will cooperate with each other on joint research and development in the medical field and technical guidance...

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Intin, smartphone sperm tester Oview M’s 1st batch sold out.

“The first batch ran out faster than expected as it could resolve the inconvenience of men who wanted to take a sperm test but could not go to the urology department due to their busy daily lives. We are expecting the second round of sales to be successful as well”...

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Daegu Cheombok Foundation supports the development of ‘Oview-M’ for sperm diagnosis devices

The Daegu Gyeongbuk Modern medical Industry Promotion Foundation (Chairman, Young-ho Lee) Advanced Medical Device Development Support Center (hereinafter referred to as Jong-won Kim) developed a smart self-smart sperm tester and the analysis algorithm to check the number of male sperm with Intin (CEO Ji-hoon Kim) and launched it on the 4th...

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Suseong University, Industrial-Academic Convention with Intin Co., Ltd.

Suseong University (President Sun-soon Kim) and Intin Co., Ltd. (CEO Ji-hoon Kim), a producer specializing in smart home healthcare, signed an industry-academic agreement on the 20th to foster talent and jobs suitable for the fourth industrial era…

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